2020 New York City Master Electrician Preparation Program

If you are preparing to take your New York City licensing exam, this course will help you fine tune your understanding of the code, calculations & tables. Course Price is $5000.00, paid online save 10%, making total $4500.00.


July 13th, 2020

1. New York City Electrical Code (National Electric Code of 2008 with new amendments)
2. D.C. and A.C. circuits and analysis including Power and Phase relationship
3. Wye-Delta circuits (1 Phase, and 3 Phase)
4. Single phase transformers
5. Three phase transformers (Wye/Delta, Scott)
6. D.C. motors (series, shunt, compound, 3 Pt. and 4 Pt starters)
7. A.C. motors (1 phase, 2 phase, 3 phase, Wound rotor and synchronous)
8. Basic electronics (Electronic Tube Theory, rectifiers and SCR)
9. New York City Electrical Code
10. Electrical control circuits and drawings
11. Conduit fills with wire measurements
12. Telecommunications
13. Computers and controls



July 14th, 2020

1. Wiring of control devises (3 way and 4 way, switches 7 controls N.O and N.C.)
2. Testing and wiring of magnetic starters (stop, start and jog buttons)
3. Testing and meggering of panels and circuits
4. Wiring diagrams for instrument transformers
5. Wire bus bar measurements and calculations
6. Wiring and testing for high and low voltage connections motors
7. Blueprint reading and take-offs